Tip-Top Talking 
Speech and Language Therapy in north-west London, Bushey  and Hertfordshire
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    Initial telephone consultation - FREE Initial assessment session - £175
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    Individual therapy session (approximately 60 minutes) - £70 School/nursery visit - £70 per hour Attendance at a meeting - £70 per hour Professional liaison - charged in 20 minute increments, £25 per 20 minutes
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    Training sessions & workshops
    Prices on request
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    Supervision for other Speech & Language Therapists - £85 per hour
Travel fees and travelling time may be charged (by prior agreement) should the therapist be requested to work outside of her usual geographical area. Any additional reports requested will also be charged separately.
Do not forget to approach your local NHS Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy department to explore what options you may have in accessing free support from the NHS.
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