Tip-Top Talking 
Speech and Language Therapy in north-west London, Bushey  and Hertfordshire
Tip-Top Talking offer bespoke training packages for parents, nurseries and schools.
Call Colette on 07904582540 to discuss your needs further.
Colette can design training sessions and workshops on any area of communication but packages she has run before include:
  • Video Parent-Child Interaction therapy (for Speech and Language Therapists)
  • Adult-Child Interaction (for practitioners and teachers)
  • Supporting Language and Communication in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Setting Up and Running Language and Communication Groups in Early Years Settings
  • Language and television
  • Language and literacy
  • Language and bilingualism
  • Postnatal talks (covering early communication strategies and other relevant information, e.g. dummy usage, signing)
  • Health Visitor training
  • Language and communication screening training (for practitioners)
  • Signs and Symbol Usage for Childminders
Communication and language is one of the three prime areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, highlighting the importance of communication for all areas of learning.
It is therefore vital that those working with children are fully aware of up-to-date research in the areas of language and communication and understand how best to identify and support children with needs in these areas.
As their child's first teacher, parents also have a major role in ensuring their child starts school with the social, attention and language skills they need to maximise the learning opportunities presented to them at nursery and school. Parents are not always sure what they should be doing and when, to give their child the best start in understanding and talking.
Tip-Top Talking can help parents and those working with children to feel confident that they are using appropriate, evidence-based strategies to support children's language and communication development. Contact Colette to arrange a training session.